Our customers
We serve the European market out of our Belgian Headoffice
Small and Medium size companies
We support SME's general managers, shareholders, CFO's, etc. by providing pragmatic and qualitative financial advice enabling them to manage their companies more efficiently and allowing them to make right business decisions quickly.
In companies where a full time CFO is not required, we act as the part time Finance Business partner of the CEO. This allows CEO’s to access qualitative Financial information at an optimal cost.
Large companies
On specific projects in large Companies, we assist with interim management, re-organization, internal audit implementation, cost saving plans, mergers and acquisitions.

Our values

  • Integrity
    Integrity is the foundation of our work. This allows us to build long-term credible results
  • Quality
    We work with the highest standards of quality and remain pragmatic: it's better to have 90% now than 100% never
  • Customer Satisfaction
    We believe we satisfy customers when we bring measurable profit, cash and process optimizations to their companies
  • Flexibility
    Our approach to each customer is individualized and reacted upon rapidly
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